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Area Rugs

Best area rugs in Salisbury from Carpet Queen

Area rugs are pretty popular in Salisbury and why not? Carpets not just look nice, but they also bring in a lot of warmth during the chilling cold winters, are mostly durable and quite maintainable. They also help keep noise and sound outside making them good to use in bedrooms. Bathroom rugs make the place inviting and warm. To buy the best area rugs in Salisbury, visit the Carpet Queen store.  

Carpet Queen is a premier flooring solution company. We offer end-to-end flooring solutions in Rowan County. You can know more about our extensive service offerings online or at our store. 

As a family-owned business, we have worked hard to establish a credible track record of providing Salisbury with guaranteed quality carpets. We are associated with some of the best-in-the-business carpet manufacturing companies worldwide. From branded to local, machine-made to handmade, we stack up area rugs of all types, sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. 

Buy area rugs in Salisbury from Carpet Queen, a recognized name in the business in Rowan County. 


Irrespective of the flooring type, if you wish to make your floors look good without spending too much, then go in for area rugs. Rugs are a practical alternative to expensive flooring materials. Not just that, there’s a plethora of choices where rugs are concerned. As a result, you can bring a lot of vividness by adding exciting patterns and designs at every place in your home and office. If you have been stressing yourself about finding a trusted store for area rugs, here we are. Carpet Queen is indeed the place to buy the best area rugs in Salisbury. 

We spend tons of dollars on the heating system in the gripping cold of winter in Salisbury. Carpets of different kinds can help reduce a bit of these costs as the materials are perfect to help keep your place warm and cozy. You can place them virtually in any room or corner of your place. Area rugs can be laid wall-to-wall and over any flooring material whether it’s tiles, laminates, or hardwood. Where can you Buy area rugs in Salisbury? Carpet Queen, is a premier flooring solution business with an exclusive segment dedicated to carpets. Walk into our store in Salisbury today and witness our superior collection that can change the look of your interiors within minutes.

Still not too sure if area rugs are for your home? Read on

Softer than most flooring materials

Carpets are indeed softer than your laminates and hardwood as they are made from fabric. This aspect also makes rugs flexible to fit into any space or area. With kids around, carpet serves an even better purpose as it helps offer a soft yet firm landing ground every time the kid falls down. Plus, carpets absorb a lot of pressure generated by your shoes and feet.  

When it comes to comfort, it’s best to look for the finest quality area rugs. In Salisbury, there’s no store better than ours. Buy area rugs from Carpet Queen – it’s a promise to top-quality. 

Reduced Noise

As carpets are softer, they are able to absorb a lot of irritating noise that a hard floor is unable to do. Thus, your carpeted area is way more noiseless compared to other flooring solutions. This means that you can rest, work, play, or just de-stress in your own way without external noises bothering you. Be it work from home or your infant sleeping, area rugs are a welcome change that in many cases, hardwood flooring cannot offer. 


Salisbury gets pretty cold during winter, right? Heating can be an expensive affair even though it is very much needed to stay warm. With wall-to-wall carpeting, a lot of your expenses can be saved with the area rugs keeping your place warmer compared to hardwood, laminates, and tiles.  

Carpets, owing to their material and make, are great at providing insulation to your place. Consider installing the best area rugs in Salisbury in places like your basement and other colder areas of the house. Call The Carpet Queen and we will have the best solution for every such space.  

Our professionals are thoroughly experienced in the job and undertake the work with due diligence. With area rugs fitted to your space, the furniture of the room is grounded and anchored well. Besides, rugs are available in a plethora of styles, materials, and designs that light up every place wherever they are installed. 

Trust us for your area rugs solutions
Carpet Queen is a doyen of flooring solutions in the region. We have done up hundreds of homes and commercial spaces in Salisbury without thorough finesse. Carpeting solutions is a forte that has helped us carve a superior niche for us in the local industry here. Visit our store to consult with us and have a look at our gorgeous collection of carpets, and other flooring materials.