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To Make a Custom Rug or Resuscitate a Worn-out Carpet, Trust Carpet Queen: The Best Carpet Binding Services in Salisbury

Carpet binding involves securing the edges of a new or an old carpet. It could be done through stitching or applying any adhesive to the edges. Carpet binding ensures the longevity of your favorite carpet and should be done for each one of them. Hire Carpet Queen for carpet binding services in Salisbury. 

All carpets, new or old, have unfinished ends that can lead to wear and tear with or without regular use. Binding the edges ensure that the edges do not give away soon. Also, if any of your carpets have started to wear out and you wish to keep a part of it, we can cut it to your preferred size and bind the edges to transform it into a warm rug, mat, or runner for any area inside your home or outside.

Carpet Queen – One of the Best Carpet Stores in Salisbury

We offer end-to-end carpeting services in the Salisbury region. We also stock the finest quality carpets from across the world. Machine-made or hand-made, there’s always the certainty that you will find your choicest rug at our store.  

Simply walk into our brick-and-mortar store and we will be happy to showcase our premium carpet collection to you.  

We work with the best brands and craftsmen across the globe to procure and make available world-class carpets to our customers in Salisbury. 

How to find us online?

It is simple to search for us online. Open any credible search engine and type, ‘Carpet stores near me.’ In the Salisbury region, our name should be on the top of the search page results. Look for the Carpet Queen website. Click the link and you will be directed to our homepage. Here you can browse our services and know more about us, read reviews and testimonials of our clients, and have a look at our Gallery.  

For carpet & tiles, there’s no better store in Salisbury than Carpet Queen. This is your one-stop provider of the best flooring solutions with seasoned experts from the business helping and guiding you all through.

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Carpet Queen’s carpet binding services

We offer tailored carpet binding services in Salisbury that include:

    1. Binding: The edges of the carpet are sewn together with a piece of binding tape. 
    2. Fringing: The sides of the carpet of the rug are attached to a fringe to secure them and is mostly done for oriental rugs. 
    3. Serging: The edges are bound with the help of specialized stitches.

Carpet Queen Advantages

We are one of the top carpet stores in Salisbury. Not convinced? Read our customer reviews and testimonial section and you will have genuine information about why our customers love our services. 

Be it any type of flooring solution, Carpet Queen is committed to offering you premium services at very affordable prices.  

For carpet binding services, hire our specialists to do the job and your rugs will breathe for a long time without any problem.  

Choose us because 

    1. Quality Services: The name, Carpet Queen, is associated with the best and impeccable services. Our product range and our service quality are unparalleled in the entire Rowan County. We are committed to accuracy and precision, fair and ethical practices. 
    2. Agile Services: We are a local flooring store in Salisbury. We have always strived to offer our clients realistic timelines and deliver the promised services within the committed schedule. This is our small way of helping the local business community gain trust and loyalty.  
    3. Pick-up: If you have a carpet that needs mending but is not too sure where to get it done, you are at the right place. We, at Carpet Queen, will pick up the carpets and rugs, service and bind them as per your requirement and aspirations and deliver them back to your doorstep as per the committed timeline. 
    4. Delivery services: When you choose Carpet Queen from all the carpet stores in Salisbury for buying carpets, you can be sure that your purchased items will reach your address swiftly after the transaction is completed.  
    5. We make use of the latest equipment and tools for carpet binding services. Our team consists of experts from the field who have been doing this kind of job for years now. They understand the nitty-gritty of the work and are professional in their dealing with all our customers. 

We are open for our walk-in customers as well as those in Rowan County who cannot physically visit our store.  You can send us your carpet or give us the address for us to pick them up from your place.  When floors last long, your place is secured from multiple problems. Contact us for flooring solutions of various types and safeguard your residence or commercial space from deteriorating agents. Our solutions offer a long-term aesthetic appearance to your floors. Carpet Queen, a trustworthy name in flooring solutions, is the most reliable carpet store in Salisbury.