Things to Know when you buy luxury vinyl tile in Salisbury? flooring January 20, 2021

Things to Know when you buy luxury vinyl tile in Salisbury?

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Vinyl floors resemble natural elements like stone and wood dramatically. With advanced technology, the flooring materials are so close to their original sources that it is difficult to differentiate between the two. Luxury vinyl tiles are man-made and even though these are very popular amongst homeowners, it is imperative to check certain factors when you buy luxury vinyl tile in Salisbury

The good thing about this flooring material is the abundance of styles, types, construction, and installation choices. Vinyl floors are usually sold as tiles, sheets, and planks. Installation is an easy process and does not take too much time.  

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring? 

Planks and tiles are common forms of vinyl flooring and differ from traditional vinyl flooring in terms of realistic values. The luxury vinyl planks and tiles are high-quality material printed with natural wood and stone designs. Another difference between the traditional and the luxury format is that the latter has thicker layers, thereby having lesser chances of getting scratched, or dented and even aging comparatively slowly. 

 Pros to Consider When You Buy Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Salisbury 

You can buy LVP near me from the best store in Salisbury – Carpet Queen. Some of the reasons to choose vinyl tiles as the flooring material for your home or commercial places are: 

  • The aesthetic beauty of the tiles is unmatchable. They are the exact replica of the original hardwood and stone available at much lower prices.  
  • Installation of Luxury vinyl tiles is not a cumbersome process. When you buy luxury vinyl tiles in Salisbury, many people try to install the tiles on their own. Even if these come with certain interlocking mechanisms, it is always advisable to hire professionals to install the tiles.  
  • Compared to other tiles like ceramic or porcelain, LVPs or tiles are recommended for colder areas where the climate is cold like Salisbury. This is because the floors keep the place warm and are comparatively more resilient than traditional tiles like ceramic or porcelain tiles.  
  • Luxury vinyl tiles are 100% waterproof – hence, they are versatile and can be installed in almost all places including the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Buy LVP near me because there are some credible stores in Salisbury that offer premium quality vinyl tiles and planks at very reasonable rates. They also offer end-to-end services, guiding you to pick the right material for your place to get them safely installed. 
  • LVPs are easy to maintain and do not cost you much to take care of. The material is water-resistant and some are completely waterproof.  

What are the looks available for luxury vinyl flooring? 

You need to assess the functionality aspect of the flooring material when you buy luxury vinyl tiles in Salisbury. But, also ensure that the tiles and planks look appealing visually because it helps create an aesthetic space of your own. 

Some of the popular looks available for LVPs are Wood-look where the planks and tiles look exactly like real hardwood. Technological advancement can make the flooring material feel like real wood too. The natural grains and knots are all replicated too. 

Stone-look LVPs also resemble natural stones with realistic overtones but they do not feel as cold or hard as stones. The vinyl material is known for innate warmth and comfort. These are ultra-durable and look extremely stylish in all kinds of a modern homes.  

You can also choose from stars & stripes to checkerboard flooring, making it perfect for even commercial and office spaces. 

What are the color choices available for LVPs? 

When you buy luxury vinyl tiles in Salisbury, you will get an abundance of choices. Your dream colors will come alive – acacia wood, white marble, chalky slate, white stone, gray looks, and more. The decorative options have even more colors and you can ask your flooring consultant to get you custom-made color combos for interesting upgrades.  

Choosing the right installer for LVP installations 

There are different ways of installing luxury vinyl planks and tiles: 

  • Peel & Stick: This is more like stickers and sometimes homeowners try to the DIY installation of LVPs. These are good to go for a while, however, if you wish to have a flooring solution that’s permanent in nature, you need to seek other remedies. 
  • Lose LVP flooring that comes with a gripping back. This material fixes without much difficulty and can be installed even by homeowners. However, there are always safety-related issues that are best handled by professionals. Also, when experts do the job, the finishing is good and your floor stands out without getting messy. 
  • Interlocking LVPs are quite popular because of the click-together mechanism. It is important to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and therefore, it is ideal to hire professionals to do the job. 
  • Glue-down materials are also available and are mostly used in places with higher footfall.  
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